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Arduino Sensors
Arduino Basic Kit
PRICE: $30.00    

Arduino basic kit

1x Arduino Uno with cable 1x Breadboard 830 pin 5x LED 5mm (each color) 1x Rgb 10mm 10x Resistor 300ohm 5x Capacitor 1microFarad 1x Potentiometer 1k 5x Transistor S8050 3x Diode 1N4148 3x LDR resistor 3x Pushbutton 1x Buzzer 1x 9V cable arduino 1x 7segment 1x L293D 40x 20cm Jumper wire Male to Male 1x Ultrasonic Sensor 1x Keypad Sensor 1x LCD with I2C 1x DHT11 Temperature And Humidity Sensor 1x Water Level Sensor 1x Sound Sensor 1x Time Sensor 1x Line Sensor 1x Joystick Sensor 1x Relay 1 Channel 1x Stepper Motor With Driver 5V 1x 9G Micro servo 1x DC Motor 6V